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Wheelchair Lifts for Vans and Platform Lifts in Washington

Kersey Mobility is proud to offer a wide selection of new and used wheelchair lifts for handicap vans to our customers in Western Washington and the Greater Washington area. Our clients can choose from Ricon vertical platform lifts, depending on their budget, vehicle and preferences. There is a vehicle lift with features that will work with almost any new or pre-owned wheelchair van.

As a leading mobility dealer in Washington for wheelchair lifts and platform lifts, Kersey Mobility can make almost any van a wheelchair accessible van with the installation of a wheelchair lift in a minivan or platform lift in a vehicle. We have two post wheelchair lifts, single post platform lifts, and innovative folding vehicle lifts that free up interior space. We have several models in stock and ready for demonstration, and our trained technicians will install these mobility lifts to industry standards.

To see the freedom and accessibility that mobility wheelchair vans from Kersey Mobility can provide, contact us for a personal demonstration in Seattle, Yakima, Tacoma or Olympia.

Ricon Clearway Platform Lift

  • The strength and safety of a dual post lift PLUS the clear access and front passenger seat functionality you thought was only possible with a single post lift.
  • All steel frame features convenient handrails for increased comfort and security
  • Stable, non-skid platform with automatic inboard and outboard rollstops accommodate most wheelchairs and scooters
  • Pre-lubricated bearings at all major pivot points offer long term durability
  • 800 lb. Installation Kits available for some applications.
  • High gloss, polyester powder coat finish resists corrosion

Ricon UNI-Lite Platform Lift

  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Extra smooth, quiet powerful electric motor
  • Powered rollstop with mechanical latch
  • Smooth, strong operation
  • Adjustable to fit most doors
  • Compact with large platform

Ricon Reliant Wheelchair Lift

  • The Reliant™ lift combines the ultimate in reliability and affordability.
  • Welded all steel frame, a powerful hydraulic pump, and simple electrical system for trouble-free operation.
  • Automatic inboard/outboard rollstops
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Non-skid platform
  • Permanent no-lube bearings at all major pivot points

Ricon Klearvue Platform Lift

  • Allows an unobstructed view from inside or outside the vehicle.
  • The KlearVue does not require a raised roof or lowered floor.
  • Automatic inboard/outboard rollstops
  • Stable and compact when stowed
  • Built-in manual back-up system
  • Permanent no-lube bearings at all major pivot points

Ricon S-Series Wheelchair Lift

  • VMI S-Series lifts offer a variety of unique features that ensure efficient, safe and comfortable travel.
  • Quiet, lightweight and compact design includes standee handrails and occupant safety belts for added security.
  • Automatic inboard/outboard rollstops
  • Inboard and outboard mechanical rollstops for ease of operation.
  • Sto-Lok™ technology to ensure a quiet ride.
  • Stainless steel fittings and lubrication-free bearings.

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