If you live in or near Seattle, Washington, Kersey Mobility is the go-to source for you to find a variety of accessories and driving controls if you need a little assistance when behind the wheel. Safety is of the utmost importance when getting behind the wheel, whether you have a disability or not, and we want to make sure every customer who purchases one of our new or used wheelchair accessible vehicles has the safest ride possible.

One of the most popular driving aids for our customers is the Foam Grip Offset Handle. This 3500F Hand Control Foam Grip Offset Handle is recommended by many driving evaluators, ensuring a comfortable position while driving and maximum leverage when braking and accelerating. This product is easily installed by our installation specialists.

The Classic 3500KX Knob Grip Offset Handle has everything offered by the 3500F, plus more. It is fully adjustable to provide extra knee room, more leverage, or to keep the handle closer to the turn signal. It can also be used to adjust the angle or pitch of grips with wrist supports. This is also an easily installed product.

The 3500K Hand Control Knob Grip Straight Handle fits comfortably right in the palm of your hand, with a bent brake rod that allows mounting the handle control higher to provide added convenience and comfort when needed. It allows the grip to be pivoted away from the door for more clearance and is recommended by driving evaluators. It can also come with a foam handle, horn, or dimmer switches by your local Kersey Mobility.

These are just a few of the handicap driving accessories we offer at Kersey Mobility. Interested in modifying your vehicle with one of these? Contact us today for more information!

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