Those who are handicapped are often unable to get out much. As a result, they are often not able to do the things they enjoy doing. A lack of proper transportation is often to blame for the inability of wheelchair patients to go out. Handicap vans can vastly improve the mobility of those in a wheelchair.The van is specially equipped to allow for easy access and transportation for those who are wheelchair bound.

Handicap vans are particularly helpful to improve the quality of life for wheelchair-bound people.The most common types of vans that are used for handicap accessible vehicles are full size and minivans. Full size vans are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs, yet can be difficult to maneuver and park. Minivans are easier to drive, but they may require additional adaptation including lowering the floor.

Drivers who are wheelchair-bound face some difficulties when trying to drive.Handicap vans use driver controls that adapt foot pedals for hand use. This allows drivers to operate the brake and gas using their hands, rather than feet.Additional control adaptations are also helpful for allowing the driver to use all the functions of the vehicle. The driver may also require the use of a specially designed seat.

Other seats in handicap vans may be removed to adapt for wheelchair use.Wheelchairs can be positioned in place of standard seats.The wheelchairs or scooters are secured to the van to ensure that they don’t move while in transit.Other seats may be adapted to allow for passengers to more easily enter and exit the vehicle.

Wheelchairs require the use of a lift to get the chair in and out of the van more easily. The lift can be easily operated and is mounted at the rear or side door. Several styles are available including the type that allows you to lift both the chair and passenger together.

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