Mobility is a major issue for those with physical challenges. It is important to have a wheelchair accessible van for use in transporting people who are wheelchair bound. There are several important features that help to transform a vehicle into a wheelchair accessible van.

One of the most essential options that are required for a wheelchair accessible van is a wheelchair lift. The lift is installed at either the rear or side door and accommodates entry of the chair or scooter into the van. The lift can be easily operated and uses mechanics or hydraulics to lift the chair inside.Lifts may be mounted under the outside of the van or inside the vehicle.

There are two main types of wheelchair lifts to choose from. You may either lift the chair inside the vehicle alone, or with the passenger. The choice depends mainly on whether the passenger is able to get in and out of the vehicle without the use of their chair. Staying in the chair is often much easier and safer for the passenger.

Some of the seats of the van will need to be removed to accommodate the wheelchair or scooter. These chairs will lock into place to keep them from moving around in the van. The wheelchair accessible van helps allow disabled people to become more mobile. They can now more easily go to the store, to the doctor, to church, or other places that they want to go.

Disabled drivers will need to use special hand controls for driving the vehicle. These controls are installed to allow you to use your hands to use the brake and gas of the van. The driver may sit in the van seat, in a specially designed seat or in his or her own wheelchair. You can choose the options and choices that best suit your needs. 

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