At Kersey Mobility, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of mobility products for customers with disabilities. Our scooter lifts are designed to be a good fit for every vehicle and lifestyle, and professional installation ensures your new lift is installed according to manufacturer standards and guidelines. If you’re wondering whether a scooter lift is right for you or if you’d be better off with a wheelchair accessible van, be sure to check out the scooter lifts we offer to determine if it fits your individual needs.

Kersey Mobility offers every line of Bruno Scooter Lifts to Washington-based customers in need of mobility assistance. We have the Bruno VSL, Bruno ASL, and Bruno Joey scooter lifts that work with a car, truck, SUV, or minivan, whether you’re in the driver’s seat or not.

The Bruno Scooter Lift models store your scooter inside or outside your vehicle at the simple touch of a button. Simply ride it onto the platform, raise it up and it’s automatically secured for you. The Joey Vehicle Lift Model stores your scooter inside your minivan, using belts for safety while the vehicle is moving. The Out-Sider design is the lightest weight model, carrying your scooter on the back of your vehicle similar to a bike rack. The ultra-strength strap system and easy operations make it so simple and lightweight. You can even operate it with just one hand.

If these scooter lifts sound like something that would work well with your lifestyle, give Kersey Mobility a call. Whether you’re in Seattle, Olympia, Yakima, or Tacoma, the staff is ready to help with all your scooter lift needs.

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