On Saturday, August 1st, ABC Advocate Meg Paulsen attended another local event in Sumner, WA: Kersey Mobility’s Annual NorthWest Ability Expo. Read Meg’s blog on her experience:

Kersey Mobility’s Northwest Ability Expo was held on Saturday, August 1st in Sumner, WA on Kersey Mobility adaptive equipment premises. There were approximately 200 attendees with ranging ages and disabilities. Other than ABC Medical, there were twenty four vendors, including several of our community partners such as the Seattle Adaptive Sports, Ms. Wheelchair Washington and Bellevue Healthcare.

There were definitely a lot more people than I had anticipated to see. It was great to see so many familiar faces of our wheelchair using community. Vendor mix was also great. Overall, a great networking opportunity. I was at the ABC Medical table and offered information and samples to attendees on many occasions. It truly was an exciting event. I left feeling really good about the contacts I made there. There were several people who were just starting the process of finding urological supplies, so I was there to provide them with necessary information at the right time.

I already look forward to attending Kersey Mobility’s expo next year! Thank you for the opportunity ABC Medical!

Paulsen, Meg. ‘ABC MEDICAL WAS AT KERSEY MOBILITY’S ANNUAL NORTHWEST ABILITY EXPO 2015′. ABC Medical Blog 2015. Web. 11 Aug. 2015.

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