At Kersey Mobility, we take pride in offering some of the highest quality products available on the market. Amerivan handicap vans are one product we are thrilled to have available, since it is built to last and designed to endure years of use.

The Amerivan Classic is one of the most popular products, offering a stainless steel floor and lowered-floor ramp that comes standard on all van models. The aluminum fold-out ramp features an automatic motor drive for effortless operation, and the door, ramp, and kneeling are all activated at the touch of a button. Q-Straint tie-downs provide even greater security and available for manual locks in the event the vehicle loses power, and the lowered rear and front seats are easily removable for extra space and wheelchair storage.

The Amerivan Mission Classic is the only Rear Access lowered-floor handicap van that has passed the FMVSS 206 rear hatch test. The manual fold-out ramp is built to last, and is also equipped with Q-Straint tie-downs for maximum security and safety. There is a wide wheelchair occupant tub that provides easy accessibility for everyone.

Amerivan wheelchair vans are a highly trusted line of products designed for those who spend a lot of time traveling or running errands, so if you’re interested in seeing how an Amerivan can improve your quality of life and enhance your mobility, contact us today! Kersey Mobility looks forward to serving you.

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