At Kersey Mobility, we offer VMI full-sized handicap accessible vans that are full of all the features you need to increase your mobility without sacrificing your safety. Our vans provide perks such as center cut lowered floors or full drop lowered floors, raised roof and door options, and other details that make getting in and out of your vehicle as simple as possible.

We have worked with Vantage Mobility International and Tuscany Automotive Solutions since they combined experience in 2005 to produce the best in class full sized wheelchair accessible vans that are worth the money and investment. Tuscany is recognized as the best interior van conversion modifier and designer in North America and has consistently won Quality Excellence Awards from Ford Motor Company. This means that when you work with all of us to find a wheelchair van that best suit your individual needs, you are working with a group of professionals whose expertise is simply unmatched anywhere else in the industry.

VMI and Tuscany offer a wide range of interior packages with handicap conversion van modification options on the Ford E150, E250, and E350 vans. This gives you the flexibility to choose a van that fits right into your lifestyle and taste, while giving you the freedom you need to get around despite any mobility setbacks. If you’re ready to improve your life with a wheelchair accessible van, contact Kersey Mobility today to find out what we can do for you.

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