Mobility vehicles are immensely beneficial for those with physical disabilities – they provide mobility, freedom and independence. However, just like any other type of vehicle, they require regular maintenance in order to remain in good operating condition. Maintenance items like oil changes, tire rotations, alignments and more are all essential. Additionally, wheelchair vans also require maintenance to their mobility equipment. 

The very wheelchair lift that makes it possible to enter and exit the van must be maintained.  Wheelchair ramps need to be inspected and maintained. In addition to these systems, if your van is equipped with a power kneeling system, it must also undergo regular maintenance to ensure that it’s working correctly and there are no potential problems. A lack of maintenance can lead to serious headaches and hassles, not to mention the potential cost for replacing mobility equipment. 

Unlike standard consumer vehicles, you really can’t take your wheelchair van to the closest oil change service center and expect to have all of your maintenance needs met. They will be able to change the oil, rotate the tires and top off the fluids, but your mobility equipment will be more than a little outside their realm of expertise. That’s why it’s essential that you work with certified service technicians.

Trusting your wheelchair van and mobility equipment to “just anyone” is a very bad idea. Only certified service technicians have the training, knowledge and expertise to not only maintain those systems, but to troubleshoot them when problems occur. When choosing a certified service technician or center, make sure that they have experience in  providing maintenance services for wheelchair and scooter lifts, pedal extensions, push-button shifting systems, switch extensions, EZ-Locks and tie-down systems, hand controls and turning automotive seats. Each of these systems is vital to enjoying the freedom and independence that is your right – don’t trust just anyone to service them.

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