Many individuals are starting to recognize the perks and  benefits of renting a wheelchair van. There are a lot of different situations  that might call for the rental of a van that would be more cost effective than  purchasing a wheelchair van. One such scenario would be taking your extended  family with you out of town on vacation. If you are taking a large number of  individuals along with you or your disabled loved one renting a van is a great  cost effective way to meet this temporary need.

One of the biggest perks of renting a wheelchair van is  that it gives you a chance to test out a vehicle. Perhaps you are looking into  purchasing a mobility  van and want a chance to test out a particular model you have your eye on.  Renting the van for a weekend trip is a great way to get familiar with the  equipment, controls, and features on the van. After using the vehicle for a few  days you will have a better idea if this van is right for you and your family  or if you need to look for a different type of vehicle.

Another perk of renting a wheelchair van  is the wide selection of vehicles you are able to choose  from.  Depending on the dealer, you can rent both full size vans or minivans depending on what your needs are. If you  are going on a large family vacation you will need a full size van that will  accommodate extra passengers and space along with the equipment needed for any  disabled individuals. You can also choose a van with the type of equipment that  best suits your needs. For example you can rent a vehicle that uses side lift  equipment if you prefer to get in and out of the vehicle through the side doors.

Kersey Mobility  offers both short and long term rentals, depending on your needs. For more details  about their wheelchair van rental program, please visit

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