A good wheelchair accessible van dealer needs to have more than mechanics on staff. When you’re at the dealership, you need to make sure that the dealer’s mechanics and other technicians can handle servicing and repairing all the equipment that makes handicap vans accessible and practical. Without doing so, you’re setting yourself up for a bad situation.

Factory Training

The equipment used in a wheelchair van incorporates several different electronic and mechanical technologies to perform its function. For example, a wheelchair lift is a sophisticated piece of equipment that has to perform within certain tolerances to be safe. To make sure that your equipment is safe, you need to have it looked at by a qualified technician. A regular mechanic may be able to get the basics of these devices, but they do require training to truly understand. This is why most dealerships have various types of techs available and many on staff.

Interfacing with Customers

The sales reps at a handicap accessible van dealership will usually have a lot of training themselves. In many cases, however, it’s their ability to communicate the needs of a client to the technicians that makes a deal work for everyone. The technicians have to understand what types of assistive driving devices, for example, are correct for certain customers. The techs also need to be skilled enough to modify existing vehicles to suit the needs of their clients. When a dealership sells used vehicles, this is particularly the case. Used accessible vans are great options and allow many people to find an affordable choice. To make sure that your vehicle is in good shape, however, the dealership must be able to test all of the equipment and adjust it to your needs so that you have maximum control over the vehicle you’re driving.

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