If you are looking to add quality driving controls to your vehicle so that you can drive much easier, giving you the freedom to hit the open road whenever you choose, we at Kersey Mobility have a number of options for you. Our wide range of driving aids are designed to offer you ease and comfort while driving and are created using advanced technologies and engineering. Regardless of the type of vehicle that you want to drive, Kersey Mobility has an option that will work for you.

A few of the many different driving controls that we offer include:

Knob Grip Offset Handle- The knob grip is easy to use and is adjustable 360 degrees which gives you extra leverage, extra knee clearance, or the ability to move the handle closer to the turn signal. Local dealers can quickly and effectively install this type of handle.

Foam Grip Offset Handle – This highly recommended foam grip is extremely comfortable and is two inches longer than most hand controls. You will have more leverage when accelerating and breaking.

Straight Handle with Wrist Support – Additional leverage is provided by the side hand guard, as the soft foam grip handle and foam wrist support supplies you with unparalleled comfort and support. Foam grips on all driving controls are washable and replaceable.

Padded Tri-Pin Hand Control – Drive with supreme comfort with this control that offers foam wrist support, side hand guard and a Tri-Pin shaped handle. You get extra wrist support that does not normally come with standard right angle controls.

These are just some of the many advanced hand controls that we have available for our customers. We can also install zero or reduced effort steering, zero or reduced effort braking, power parking brakes, and pedal extensions!  Contact usat Kersey Mobility to select your comfortable and easy to use driving controlstoday!

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