Sometimes getting the necessary financial assistance to acquire the equipment and services needed to be completely independent is extremely difficult. Fortunately, there are organizations out there that can help. One such organization is the Washington Access Fund.

The Washington Access Fund is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit, Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) established by and for people with disabilities in Washington state. Washington Access Fund provides low-interest loans and other financing services to help individuals with disabilities obtain the technologies and business equipment needed to live independently and to succeed at school, at work, at play and in the community. 

Washington Access Fund’s mission is to promote access to technology and economic opportunity for individuals with disabilities in Washington state.

Washington Access Fund provides:

  • Low interest loans for assistive technology and home and vehicle access modifications (“Assistive Technology Loans”)
  • Low interest loans for business equipment needed by employees and entrepreneurs with disabilities who choose to work from home or start/expand their own business locations on a full or part-time basis (“Business Equipment Loans”).
  • Long term, low cost rentals of Closed Circuit TV Magnifiers to individuals with significant vision loss to support independent living, education and employment.
  • Individual Development or Matched Savings Accounts to help Washington residents with disabilities purchase assistive technologies and/or business equipment needed for employment or education and training intended to lead to employment.

For more information about this and other assistance options, please contact one of our Certified Mobility Consultants today!

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