When searching for a used wheelchair vehicle or a new one that you plan to install mobility equipment on, it is important to understand how mobility lifts work. Lifts can be either hydraulic-powered or electric-powered. Both have various pros and cons, but most opt to go with hydraulic-powered lifts, as these tend to be more reliable. Aside from this there are two main types of lifts. The first type of lift is the platform lift. The other main type of lift is the arm lift.

Platform mobility lifts are designed so that an individual in a wheelchair can be wheeled onto a platform and the platform can be raised to place the wheelchair in the vehicle. The wheelchair is secured by a guardrail once it is on the platform lift to prevent the chair from rolling off of the side of the platform. These lifts enable the individual to still remain seated in the wheelchair while being placed inside the wheelchair van. Platform lifts are installed on the side of the vehicle or at the back of the vehicle. Platform lifts installed on the side of the vehicle often require larger parking spaces, but allow for more room inside the vehicle. Lifts installed at the back of the vehicle allow vehicles to park in smaller spaces, but due to the equipment being located at the back of the vehicle, storage space is in short supply.

Arm lifts are the second major category of mobility lifts. The primary use of this type of lift is to put the wheelchair in the vehicle for storage while not being used. Arm lifts can be installed on many different types of vehicles including smaller cars, vans, and SUVs. The lift is typically installed on the trunk of the vehicle. The arm portion of the lift comes out and is connected to the wheelchair. The lift picks up the wheelchair and places it inside the vehicle. These are either run by electric motor or by hand.

While these are the two main types of mobility lifts, there are variations of both types within the larger groups. Keep in mind that not every type of lift will work with your vehicle. Assess your own personal needs to help you find which lift would be the most beneficial. Keep in mind the amount of space the lift will require when installed and how that will affect seating space.

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