At Kersey Mobility, we are always looking to provide the highest quality, most extensive line of wheelchair accessibility products to our customers with disabilities in the Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane areas of Washington State. We have a staff of trained technicians ready to install these products right into your vehicle, making it more accessible and safe.

One of the most popular mobility seating options we have available is the Bruno Valet seat, which works with your current vehicle to make it more accessible and safe. Our sales professionals can help you determine which type of seating is best for your situation, and whether there is other equipment out there that will make your experience even better, such as a scooter lift.

Not only can we install a lift, but we can also install a transfer seat if you think that is something that would help you out as well. This makes it possible for you to enter the driver’s seat right from your wheelchair, safely positioning you behind the steering column and ready to drive.

If you’re ready to improve your mobility and traveling experience, contact us today. Kersey Mobility is ready to help you find everything you need for the highest quality, safest driving experience.

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