When looking for mobility equipment such as wheelchair accessible vans or vehicles, wheelchair lifts, or driving aids it is difficult enough to find the items that meet all of your needs without also worrying about how to complete the purchase. You spend time identifying what it is you will want, but you may overlook the fact that there is still the entire buying process ahead of you.

Because this is an era of financial challenges for many, it is necessary to have some great resources where financing is concerned. With Kersey Mobility you can eliminate any worries about how you will pay for the essential equipment that you need to lead a full and mobile life.

For example, the representatives at Kersey Mobility are able to discuss a diversity of issues with you, and will then guide you towards an optimal solution. 

Just consider: Do you need to know about the rates on loans? Maybe you are curious about the current incentives from manufacturers or dealers? Perhaps you feel you should be able to reduce costs, but you just don’t know how? Kersey Mobility can help you identify all of the issues that have an effect on your “bottom line,” and can often show you just how to go about decreasing costs and getting the best mobility vehicle or equipment possible. 

All Kersey Mobility clients enjoy benefits that include clarification of financing options, help with documentation and paperwork, full registration support, and a review of the factors that can reduce costs. These may include a doctor’s prescription to eliminate sales taxes, disability programs from federal and state agencies, as well as offering some help with vehicle purchases, and more! It takes a single call to get the help that you need, so why not get in touch with Kersey Mobility today.

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