Citywide accessibility is an important topic, but how many US cities actually offer residents a high level of access? What exactly does it mean to be an “accessible city”? A new study by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation aimed to find out just that. The foundation studied 100 of the country’s largest cities and came to some rather surprising conclusions. Interestingly, Seattle, Washington ranked as the #1 most accessible city in the US.

The foundation ranked accessibility based on several different factors. One factor was the city’s climate, which can have a profound impact on the freedom and independence an area can offer to individuals with physical disabilities. Second, the air quality of the city had to be ranked, as did the number of medical specialists, medical facilities, transit systems and other facilities designed specifically for those with physical disabilities. The city’s population of physically disabled individuals and the age of the city itself were also factors in creating these rankings.

In all areas, Seattle outranked other competitors. While the city most certainly has things that can still be done to improve accessibility, it stands above the rest. Other cities on the final list of just 20 included Albuquerque, New Mexico in the #2 slot, Reno, Nevada in the #3 slot and Denver, Colorado in 4th place. Portland, Oregon, Chicago, Illinois, Orlando, Florida and Fort Worth, Texas also made it on the list.

Kersey Mobility has long recognized and encouraged the strides toward greater accessibility the city of Seattle is making, and is proud to be a part of this caring, dedicated community. We’re also proud to keep doing our part to inform, educate and advocate for even better accessibility and freedom for everyone with physical disabilities no matter what that disability might be.

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