Since their founding more than 65 years ago by a group of WWII veterans that all suffered from spinal cord injuries, the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) have been offering dedicated services to veterans by conducting groundbreaking research and championing civil rights for anyone who has disabilities. They have worked hard and continue to fight for their mission of changing lives and establishing bright outlooks for those heroes who have been injured while serving our country.

VMI and Kersey Mobility have partnered with the PVA to educate qualifying veterans and help them navigate the adapted automotive vehicle buying process. Federal Grant 21-4502 makes it possible for disabled veterans to purchase wheelchair accessible vehicles. In October 2011, the Federal grant amount was increased from $11,500 to $18,900. 

One of the biggest missions of the PVA is to fund research to help those who have a spinal cord injury or spinal cord disease. Medical research provides possible solutions to spinal cord disease, as well as treatments that are effective at helping those who live with these medical issues to enjoy a full and active life.

With 34 chapters across the United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, the Paralyzed Veterans are representing the millions of people in these areas that have been injured in combat, as well as civilians with disabilities. They fight to get as much knowledge out to the public about the various spinal cord injuries and diseases that are out there. They also seek to find solutions to everyday issues that those with disabilities face.

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