Kersey Mobility is extremely happy to announce a wonderful program called Vans4Kids. This is designed to raise funds to help supply handicap accessible vans for families with disabled children. As a leading provider of mobility vehicles and accessories, we are happy to offer a way to provide children a way to get around without restrictions due to financial difficulties.

Vans4Kids was started by our owners, Mike and Angela Kersey of Sumner, Washington. Whether a family is in need of help for a down payment on a handicap accessible van or needs help with as much of the cost of a new vehicle as possible, Vans4Kids does everything in its power to help curb the price and prevent financial setbacks.

Mike and Angela have been in business with Kersey Mobility for more than 30 years, so they know the importance of financial assistance with wheelchair vans and have seen firsthand the importance of this project. Their main mission is to provide “mobility for life” to families who have children with disabilities. If you are interested in finding out more information about Vans4Kids and want to see how you can help a family out in purchasing a new van, please visit

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