While you may be able to do a lot for yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to drive. However, just because you are not fully able to utilize your hands behind the steering wheel does not mean that you are completely incapable of driving. With advances and breakthroughs in technology, there is a new development that could benefit you in more ways than one!

The wheelchair van is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road. With the right van, you could be completely and totally independent! Ramps and lifts allow you to get yourself into a wheelchair van, and advanced hand controls allow you to pilot the vehicle.

Hand controls are inserted into your van and they’re only attached to your driving system when you need to use them. If you have a family member driving your van, they can easily disconnect them. These controls are attached to your brakes and your accelerator. While it does take a little bit of practice to get it right, in just a short time, you can be operating your wheelchair van all on your own.

When you find the mobility vehicle that you have been searching for, inquire as to whether or not they can install your controls. The price of these devices is very affordable for anyone!

If you think that mobility vans and hand controls might be the best option for you, then you should get started today! Kersey Mobility of Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, and Olympia, Washington, is one of the best places to look. They bring a hard-working, friendly, and knowledgeable staff to the table. They also offer a vast inventory on their website, and you’ll also have the option to schedule a test drive. Additionally, utilize their website to learn more about financing your mobility van!

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