Cold weather is finally here  and it’s time to prepare for the holidays. It’s also time to make sure your  wheelchair van is ready for the rigors that come with wintertime weather. If  you’re not sure how to go about winterizing your van, don’t worry. Kersey Mobility believes in making sure you are safe on the road, so here are some of the most important  considerations as the snow starts to fly. 

Tire Considerations: As cold  weather rolls in, the roads get slick. That means it’s time to double check  your tires. Make sure your tires are rated for mud and snow (you’ll find an M+S  or M&S rating on the sidewall). You might also consider studded snow tires  if you live in an area where snow and ice can be extreme. Finally, ensure that  your tires are rotated so that the best tread is on the front, as this will  provide better handling and grip on the road. 

Battery Needs: Cold weather  can be hard on batteries, especially for wheelchair van  batteries. Because so many systems rely on electricity, it’s best to make sure  that you have a battery with higher cold cranking amps and better starting  power. If you already have one, have a charging system test conducted to make  sure there are no problems with it.

Wiper Blades: Staying safe  on the road means being able to see where you are going. Wintertime wiper blades  are the best bet when things start to get chilly. These are designed to cope  with snow and ice during winter and will help keep your view out the windshield  as clear as possible. 

The best way to ensure that  your van is ready for the cold weather is to bring it in to Kersey Mobility so  that our certified  technicians can double check vital areas and make certain you are safe on  the road.

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